How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali    by Swami Prabhavananda (Translator), Christopher Isherwood "Over 1500 years ago the great Indian sage, Patanjali, compiled these yoga aphorisms as a help and guide to his fellow humans. in the cosmic scheme of things 1500 years is the blink of an eye, and so it is these wise sayings remain fresh and workable for the modern lover of spiritual wisdom. the aphorisms stand on their own as originally given to the world. succinct, vital, the feel of eternal truth is in them. to read and meditate on these sayings is to go another step closer to your own realization that indeed, it is only ignorance which stops us from seeing the reality of the Atman as One with eternal Brahman, the "satchitananda" or existence, consciousness, bliss, the eternal ground of all that is or ever could be. this beautiful classic is further enhanced by the translation and commentaries of the dynamic duo, swami prabhavananda and christopher isherwood. modern ideas about god and truth come and go, this book has stood the test of time and remains ever new because it's true. i highly recommend this little book to anyone interested in the light that comes when Truth is seen."


Creative Use of Emotion    Sri Swami Rama and Swami Arjya (psychologist), "A master of yoga collaborates with an American-trained psychologist in presenting this practical, holistic perspective on the role of emotions in the development of consciousness. They explain how we can all expand our consciousness from a state of conflict, confusion, and emotionalism to the experience of greater joy and harmony. Many facets of this developmental process are described, along with methods that lead to emotional maturity and expanded consciousness."


Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times    by Judith Lasater Ph.D. P.T., "This book is all about letting go by doing nothing purposefully. Judith Lasater, a very experienced Iyengar yoga teacher, shows the reader in words and pictures how to use everyday props (e.g., blankets, pillows,walls and floors) to travel the highway to the state of relaxation. I had the opportunity to practice restorative yoga with Ms. Lasater in Montana about two years ago and I can attest to the fact this yoga works to relax both the mental and physical muscles in the body if practiced regularly. Since most people can't go off to Montana to practice yoga, this book is the next best thing to being there."



A Goddesses In Every Woman Reissue : New Psychology of Women    by Jean Shinoda Bolen "This book is very uplifting and an enlightening read no matter what type of woman you are. One of the best qualities is the author's ability to present the strengths of each archetype and not build a hierarchy of goddesses. This approach allows the reader to understand different women, as well as conflicting emotions within herself, and see the positive qualities. I found myself completely taken by her discussion of the Hestia archetype. In fact, I did some further research on this archetype and now have a collection of notes to pull from. If a book inspires further investigation, it is definitely worth the read."




When Things Fall Apart : Heart Advice for Difficult Times    by Pema Chodron " I first read this book when I was going through a difficult time. I expected some soothing and comforting words; I did not expect a message that made me look at Life in a different light. Pema Chodron's words touched my heart deeply: things are impermanent, and the search for security and a semblance of permanence draw us deeper into chaos. Its time to stop seeking an escape from depression and other negative emotions; instead we can try to get intimate with these emotions and the true nature of our minds, cultivate mindfulness and compassion, and stop struggling so hard to find ground.

This book touched me deeply; I have revisited it many times since, during good and bad times, and the message gets a little clearer every time."



Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings    by Pema Chodron "I think the other reviews don't do justice to this exquisite gem of Buddhist teaching. Ms Chodorn is eloquent and articulate in her delivery of helpful insights into the human condition and gentle and simple in her understanding of what may restore balance. The book can be read piecemeal or from beginning to end. The glossary offers edification on Buddhist Sanskrit meanings, which I found helpful, since I am a beginner to Buddhism and not a student of Sanskrit. This book offers a path of healing and wholeness. To see it without this meaning is to miss the point. I have recommended it to many people, beginners and scholars of Buddhism alike. Without exception the book was well received. This is one book you will want to hold and leaf through the pages. I would give it much more than a five star rating were it possible. 

Conscious Living: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation     by Swami Rama "This is a practical book for people living in the world. The word "practical" implies that the teaching can be practiced in the world, in the midst of family, career and social obligations. No prior preparation is required for reading this book, and after reading this book, no further teaching is required. If one were to sincerely practice the teachings presented by Sri Swami Rama in this book, one will surely achieve the goal of self realization, a state described by Swamiji as the summum bonum of life, a state of bliss, a state of perfection."