Tourette Syndrome

Children With Tourette Syndrome : A Parent's Guide (Special Needs Collection)      by Tracy Haerle (Editor), Jim Eisenreich "My 8-year-old son has ADHD, OCD and tic disorders (though not full-blown Tourette Syndrome). This book was an enormous help for me in understanding the tic disorder and also the ADHD and OCD which often co-occur with TS and tic disorders. It is written in a very easy to read, friendly, compassionate way. There is a lot of clear advice here. TS is complex and often misunderstood. The book helps you cope with and understand many of the related problems. It teaches acceptance, dealing with friends, relatives, schools, etc. It is a very thorough book. After reading it, I felt less helpless and more empowered to deal with these issues. The book talks about the importance of acknowledging your child's frustrations and feelings, which will help him to learn to share them more directly with you. For example, saying, "I know you're trying really hard, and it's frustrating when the other students can't seem to understand that you can't stop doing certain things." This book helps you to also empower your child, and to embrace what is special about him. It says, "If you believe in your child as an individual whose Tourette syndrome is only one aspect of her total being, your child will also be more likely to see herself as someone with abilities, rather than disabilities." I strongly recommend this book. It will help."


Living With Tourette Syndrome      by Elaine Fantle Shimberg, Elaine Shapiro (Introduction) "Miles from NY is mistaken when he says the author has 3 kids w/ TS, but doesn't have it herself. She does and mentions that in the beginning of the book. Because of her experience in having TS and then having children with it, she is helpful to walk readers through what to expect and how to head off problems before they exist. She also has a great deal of info for adults with tell or not tell at job interviews, socializing, and even living situations. A caring and careful job of communication on the issues facing those with TS or TS in their families."



Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior      by David E. Comings I highly recommend this book. Do not be afraid of the size of this book as 687 pages, not including the various tests which will assist you and the glossary and index.

This book leaves nothing out. It answers *every* question imaginable. Easy to read and understand and yet thorough in it's approach. If you want to fully understand tourette syndrome, it's diagnosis, treatment, the genetics, behavior, cause, and much more, this is the book for you.