Marriage & Relationships


Breathing Room: Creating Space to Be a Couple    by Elayne, Ph.D. Savage (Excellent couples book!! Discusses the all important and often misunderstood art of being intimate without being stifling. What intimacy is and what it isn't. What the ingredients are for an intimate relationship. Great affirmations along with couples discussion topics and exercises. Great primer on setting boundaries both inside and outside of your relationship. Also discusses your behaviors when your boundaries have been crossed. I would consider this a wonderful book for the couple searching for intimacy without feeling overwhelmed).



The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work,John Mordechai Gottman, Nan Silver The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work    by John Mordechai Gottman, Nan Silver " A very reasonable as well as scientific approach to marriage. Many marriage-oriented books offer logical short-term band-aids (e.g., focusing on perceived Mars/Venus gender differences, communicating better, smoothing over conflicts) that make for a provocative read and/or admirable goals, but by and large fail in the long-run to resuscitate shaky marriages. Gottman creates a path for marital success via theories and exercises with an established track record for success. Many people wouldn't think that a fit marriage has to be exercised regularly, no less than one's body through regular workouts. Gottman's book serves as the ultimate guide to marital fitness, yet is a valuable read even if you are unmarried or have already experienced a failed marriage.

Good marriages don't necessarily have less conflicts than bad ones. Gottman gets under the surface and digs into such deeper issues as the maintaining of HONOR and RESPECT for your partner in the heat of all-too-common battles. Along the way he punches holes in a lot of marriage-counseling paradigms. In short, this book can improve a good marriage (or any similar commitment between two people), heal a salvageable one, or explain why a bad one got to or beyond the point of no return.

15 Minutes to Build a Stronger Marriage : Weekly Togetherness for Busy Couples, Bobbie Yagel, Myron Yagel15 Minutes to Build a Stronger Marriage : Weekly Togetherness for Busy Couples
    by Bobbie Yagel, Myron Yagel "In this book a couple will gain a deeper understanding of each other in areas such as love, communication, emotional and physical intimacy, forgiveness, and spiritual growth. In only 15 minutes a week, busy couples will learn techniques to strengthen their relationship as well as give substance to the time spent together.
By spending only 15-minutes a week, a busy couple can gain deeper understanding of each other and learn practical new techniques to strengthen their relationship."



The Power of Two: Secrets to a Strong & Loving Marriage, Susan Heitler, Paula Singer The Power of Two: Secrets to a Strong & Loving Marriage    by Susan Heitler, Paula Singer (Photographer) "I don't really think I got married because of the book. But after I read the book, I finally could see that it was possible to be married, remain an individual, and still have a deep and meaningful relationship. If you think marriage takes away your independence, read this book--it empowers you." "Reading this book I finally can understand why my husband and I fight, and how to keep our marriage more peaceful. People shouldn't be allowed to get a marriage license until they read this book."


Together : Making Your Marriage Work from the Start, Debra Gould, Joe Gould, Joseph GouldTogether : Making Your Marriage Work from the Start    by Debra Gould, Joe Gould, Joseph Gould "A really great book about values, boundaries, mutual support and many more relationship topics which are so important to having a successful marriage. Highly recommended."




The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Marriage (Complete Idiot's Guide), Hillary Rich, Helaina KravitzThe Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Marriage (Complete Idiot's Guide)    by Hillary Rich, Helaina Kravitz (Contributor) "As a married woman for almost 15 years, I considered myself blessed to have a good marriage. Having read this book upon the recommendation of a close friend, I was amazed to find how much better a good thing can become. My husband and I enjoyed discussing the book and have adopted quite a few suggestions. This has resulted in us becoming even closer. Although some of the points seem elementary at first glance, we were surprised that we had never thought of them ourselves. A very special thanks for the tips on how to deal with my in-laws."