Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

Kirstin's Story: No Place to Stand      by Jean Jardine Miller If your looking for a book about being a parent to a teenage Panic/Anxiety sufferer, than would be good. Ms. Miller has a very strong voice. She discusses having to be an advocate for her daughter and the frustrations that went with that. At times her words are so concise that it feels like she had little empathy for her daughter. But this isn't her daughters story, but a parents story. I wish the book had gone past the ultimate ending of her daughters suicide. It is very well written.


Panic and Anxiety Disorder : 121 Tips, Real-life Advice, Resources & More      (New Updated) by Linda Manassee Buell "I'd heard about Linda's upcoming tips book on Panic and Anxiety Disorder, but wasn't really interested in reading it, mainly because it was a "tips" book; I've seen those booklets in the check-out line, and always considered them vague and rather gimmicky. So, when I first picked up "Panic and Anxiety Disorder, 121 Tips, Real-life Advice, Resources & More", not only was I surprised by its book-like appearance, I was also drawn to its calm, down-to-earth approach to self-help. Yes, there are numbered tips, but as I read, I realized this wasn't implicitly for someone coping with anxiety disorders; Linda has written to everybody. Her tips, while pinpointing individual aspects of anxiety, actually address the very simple, basic, moment-by-moment steps to follow in order to successfully survive just about any stressful inner conflict. From digging in the earth to truly relearning the art of breathing, Linda's guidance is straightforward and simultaneously profound. Not leaving any stone unturned, Linda has dedicated an entire chapter to folks who've found themselves in the challenging role of support, and included numerous sources of additional literature and information."

Help! I Think I'm Dying! Panic Attacks & Phobias: A Consumer's Guide (New Supplement for 1999)      by Abbot Lee, MD Granoff "If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety/panic attacks, this book is essential for you. It is obvious that Dr. Granoff's personal experience with panic attacks have given him the dedication and motivation to help all of those who suffer. The book outlines in detail the causes and treatments for anxiety and panic as well as clarifies all of the misinformation that the general public has regarding medications that may be useful in treatment. Since reading the book, I have consulted with Dr. Granoff personally. With his help, I am recovering rather quickly after suffering with this condition for over 9 years! Without his help, I may have had to struggle for the rest of my life. Do yourself a favor and read this book."

An End to Panic : Breakthrough Techniques for Overcoming Panic Disorder
      by Elke Zuercher-White "I've read many, many books on treating panic disorder, but this is the ONLY book that helped me overcome my panic disorder. I only wish I had read it years ago. Panic pretty much ... my life down a black hole -- I was so agoraphobic that for two years I rarely left my bedroom, even to go down the hall to the kitchen. A cognitive-behavioral therapist gave me a copy of this book and took me step by step thru it. It took 8 months of hard, scary work but today I can go anywhere, with or without anyone, and do anything, for as long as I want, whenever I want --not a medication in sight and not a twinge of inappropriate panic. Two years ago I couldn't even contemplate walking to the end of my driveway. I just can't recommend this book highly enough. It was the light at the end of my tunnel."

No Need to Fear: Overcoming Panic Disorder      by Koz, St. Christopher, Victoria M. St Christopher "A useful guide for those who experience panic attacks and have panic disorder. A true story of one person who has lived with panic disorder and has overcome many of the fears associated with it. The uplifting and informative guide includes explanations of what panic disorder is, relaxation techniques, self-help methods and stories of victories. A MUST for friends and family, as well as sufferers of this disorder."