Men's Issues

Iron John: A Book About Men    by Robert Bly

"The poet Robert Bly has penned a masterwork of mythological prose, all about what a man is, and what it means to be a man now, and how that's different from what it has meant to be a man at various times in the past. Bly's analyses of fairy tales and poetry are breathtaking and astonishingly revealing and insightful. I recommend this book to all men, and to anyone interested in the evolution of gender roles or fairly tales or poetry or anthropology or myth. This is a masterpiece, and a fabulous book that is a pleasure to read."


Transformation: Understanding the Three Levels of Masculine Consciousness      by Robert A. Johnson "Jungian analyst Robert A. Johnson has a beautiful way of taking complex Jungian theory and writing about it in a pithy, lucid way that makes Jung's ideas highly accessible. Using three well known characters from literature, Don Quixote, Hamlet and Faust, he maps out the three levels of consciousness in our lives, from the innocent, fantasy creating ego, through Hamlet's existential despair to Faust's mid-life confrontation with the shadow. It is fascinating reading, especially for men and women around mid-life, who are beginning to sense a creeping restlessness in their lives. Johnson writes about the mid-life struggle with such authenticity, not only validating what the reader may be experiencing in her/his own life, but mercifully offering a way through it, using Faust's journey as the guide. A must read for anyone on the path to know oneself, especially any man or woman who is nearing (or in the thick of) mid-life."


I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT: OVERCOMING THE SECRET LEGACY OF MALE DEPRESSION    by Terrence Real "This book offers an amazing amount of valuable information in a clear, concise, approachable format. Terrence Real covers such topics as, why men don't know that they're depressed, how depression is often rooted in childhood experiences, how the myth of masculinity plays a role in the development of depression, how men use various addictions (chemical and non-chemical) to keep their depression at bay, how boys' socialization produces disconnection, and how to repair depression by learning to reparent the self, face vulnerabilities, confront the past, release trauma and shame, rewrite ones story, and use imaginative work to form a relationship with the immature parts of the self, while strengthening the "functional adult" parts of the self. Real uses references to popular movies and books, as well as clinical and personal examples, to add depth and clarity. He seems to approach the topic with a wide-angle lens that suggests a thoroughness to his research on the topic. I highly recommend this book. "



He : Understanding Masculine Psychology by Robert A. Johnson "One of the best books in this field. Very easy and understandable. Quit delightful. The writer has a gift of explaining abstract concepts in lay language. The issues men face in our society are not limited to men. The inter-connectedness of every element in human life (Chaos Theory) has been presented in mythological terms. Very Good!