Divorce & Child Custody

Between Marriage and Divorce: A Woman's Diary, Susan BraudyBetween Marriage and Divorce: A Woman's Diary      by Susan Braudy "I picked up Susan Braudy's book first among the pile a friend of mine recommend because the title 'Between Marriage and Divorce' describes exactly where I was at the moment. I was immediately drawn in within the first few pages reading the details of her question, fear, confusion. It is so real, I was so touched to read how her desire to be herself worked against her intention to protect her 'perfect' marriage and how she needed support from her husband but could not get it. Many of my friends and I are going through the same thing, this books helps me understand better some of the emotions and struggles women go through especially when the husband and the marriage seem so 'perfect' to all the outsiders."

Breaking & Mending : Divorce & God's Grace, Mary L. ReddingBreaking & Mending : Divorce & God's Grace      by Mary L. Redding "This book was instrumental in my healing from a broken marriage. Its particular strength is in Redding's perspective, having grown up in a conservative Christian environment. She deals honestly with the reality that, divorce sometimes seems to be the only option, even for two Bible-believing Christians. This book helped me feel less alone and even articulated some of my deepest thoughts and fears. It is rooted in the reality that God loves us more than we will ever comprehend and nothing can change that - even the sin of divorce. She also offers practical advice for healing after the divorce. I believe this book was inspired!"

The Broken Letter, Divorce Through The Eyes of a Children, Carl Lawrence The Broken Letter, Divorce Through The Eyes of a Child
      by Carl Lawrence "Being a mother of four boys with an absent father, I felt this book might be for me. This book is an "easy read", taking only a few hours to complete. As I read it, I experienced the pain and loneliness of "Randy" the child of divorce. I saw him react to the absence of his father and pictured my own boys in the same situation. This book provides an intensely honest look at our "Fatherless Generation". We have come to take for granted that all will "work out" without fathers. This story shows, in devastating detail, how children need BOTH parents in their lives. Both mothers and fathers should read this book, whether married, separated or divorced...this book will have a powerful impact on the value you place on the family unit. Our children's lives are at stake!"

But I Didn't Want a Divorce, Andy BustanobyBut I Didn't Want a Divorce      by Andy Bustanoby "Andre Bustanoby has put together a excellent synopsis of the issues when a divorce is forced upon a spouse. Chapters 2 (Letting go of your spouse), 8 (Loneliness), &9 (Loving and respecting yourself) are especially helpful when the couple's children are older and on their own. This is not a technical book, it's a practical book. Those going through an unwanted divorce are telling me they benefited from reading it. It's a great 'Open Door' for discussion when both the counselor and client have read it. The focus is on rescuing rather than excusing or blaming. "

Child Custody : Building Parenting Agreements That Work (3rd Ed), Mimi E. Lyster, Spencer ShermanChild Custody : Building Parenting Agreements That Work (3rd Ed)      by Mimi E. Lyster, Spencer Sherman (Editor), Martin Stein (Illustrator)

The Child Custody Book : How to Protect Your Children and Win Your Case (Rebuilding Books -- for Divorce and Beyond), James W. StewartThe Child Custody Book : How to Protect Your Children and Win Your Case (Rebuilding Books -- for Divorce and Beyond)      by James W. Stewart "Most people are put-off and confused by anything to do with legal procedure and process. I certainly am. That there is a judge lawyer out there who can untangle things for the legal novice is a surprise to me. Written by an experienced California judge, with contributions from a licensed psychologist and custody evaluator, this book (in the series Rebuilding Books for divorce and beyond) places emphasis on the emotional component to the issues surrounding child custody. The do's and don'ts at the end of each chapter will help you figure out what you need to do. The glossary is most helpful - it explained legal words to me in language that I could understand. The book does not shy away from tricky topics like child abuse and false molestation or how to select a lawyer. Even though the authors are California-based, they're aware of legal trends nationwide, so you'll find this book useful if you live in the United States. If you or someone you know is faced with the difficult decisions involved in working out a child custody agreement, I'd recommend this book."

Should You Really Seek Custody Of Your Child?      by Arline S. Kerman "I love this book. Instead of just being a "How to Win Custody of Your Child" like many others its also a "Can You Both Afford and Handle the Sole Reasonability of Your Child" book. This is a workbook. Its is huge (think ream of paper) with tons of room to write notes in and answer specific questions in helping you decide if its even viable to seek custody. If your considering seeking custody I would recommend reading this book and answering the hard questions (since most will be brought up in court). Laws around child custody are brought up with mind provoking questions. Excellent book, Very Well Thought Out.