Adult Children of Alcoholics

Adult Children of Alcoholics by Janet Geringer WoititzAdult Children of Alcoholics      by Janet Geringer Woititz "Excellent book for those who don't know why their lives are a mess, why they keep getting into abusive relationships, why they don't laugh & have fun like other people, people who tear themselves apart for every imagined or real mistake, those who feel inferior and worthless, those like me who have always guessed (often incorrectly) at what normal is. Finally here are the answers millions of people need to let go of their crippling past and rediscover their future--one they want to be part of instead of dreading more of the same misery. The authors have been where we are, they know what they are talking about, they are US too. They have experience, compassion & empathy. They lovingly & gently open the doors to the truth for us, and this book could cause you to feel sad, angry, bitter, depressed but the next page will fill you with realistic hope (not the irrational hopes we're used to), belief in a happy future for yourself, motivation to start the journey of recovery from childhood abuse, neglect, trauma, denial, pain, etc. There is a thorough section on recovery groups and what to expect, how it works and so on, so that strangers to recovery will know what to expect, and maybe feel better about taking that 1st step--going to a meeting, finding a therapist, joining a group, reading books & workbooks, reaching out to safe others for support & more. I highly recommend this book to any one from a substance-abuse type family background, but also to people from dysfunctional families as well since all of the same principles apply. I also recommend Adult Children: The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families to those who can't relate to an alcoholic background at all, but who maybe grew up with an over-eating parent, an absent father, a mentally ill caretaker, etc. This is a gentle start for even the most recovery-resistant person. For myself, this book helped me see myself as that little terrified, abused child who was helpless, needy, neglected & denied, and begin to want to love, hug & heal MY inner self instead of running to rescue everyone else, for a change. It's my turn, and thanks to that book I finally believe in my journey and my future. I hope you will take the step and see for yourself what truths lay waiting to bring you relief & understanding."

The Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome : From Discovery to Recovery by Wayne KritsbergThe Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome : From Discovery to Recovery      by Wayne Kritsberg "I read this first in an earlier edition. On the first page it had the list of ACOA's personality traits. It described me perfectly. It upset me so much I wasn't able to read it for 2 years. This book will help you with personal problems that all ACOA's share. Such as relationship/intimacy problems, being crisis oriented and that feeling that "you'll never be good enough". A must read.

Lifeskills for Adult Children by Alan Garner (Contributor), Janet Geringer WoititzLifeskills for Adult Children      by Alan Garner (Contributor), Janet Geringer Woititz "Lifeskills" is one of those books everyone should own. It deals with the personality traits inherent in those from dysfunctional families (primarily, children of alcoholics) and presents "normal" functioning skills which children of alcoholics often do not learn. Even if one is not a product of an alcoholic environment, this book gives an excellent view of healthy, "normal" responses to life's daily situations."

Recovery : A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics by Julie D. Bowden, Herbert L. Gravitz, Julia D. Bowden, Sharon Wegscheider CruseRecovery : A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics      by Julie D. Bowden, Herbert L. Gravitz, Julia D. Bowden, Sharon Wegscheider Cruse "About ten years ago I was in a book-store in Cambridge, Ma. and happened to browse through that book. Just reading a few questions and answers was one of the greatest shocks in my life. Reading the truth when you always thought that you are so strange, no one else can image, is not easy. I was hardly able to go to the cashier and pay for the book. This was the first day of a new life for me. 
If you are an ACoA you probably want to heal yourself by just reading the book. Don't do it. Yes, read the book. But then go out and make contact with other people. Go into therapy. It's never too late."

Struggle for Intimacy      by Janet Geringer Wotitiz "I started reading this book not realizing it was about ACOA. I discovered that is my problem in relationships. My parents were alcoholics. In reading this book, I saw me growing up and now. It is such an inspiration to be able to put a label on these feelings and fears. It was like someone turned a light on in my soul. I feel like I have a starting point now in which to move forward. I really wish I would have read this before I got divorced. I think it could have saved a good marriage."