Children's self-help books


A Terrible Thing Happened      by Margaret M. Holmes (Excellent book about a child who saw a "terrible thing" and how it affected his life. He begins to feel better when he begins to talk to an adult. This book I feel would be especially helpful for any child who has been exposed to any trauma and he/she would learn that they are not alone with their feelings).



Adam and the Magic Marble      by Adam & Carol Buehrens (A delightful adventure book about 3 boys. One has cerebral palsy and the other two have Tourette syndrome. They find a magic marble with magic powers and accidentally it becomes aimed at the bullies. I recommend this book to any child who has a disorder that makes them feel different from their peers).




Depression is the Pits, But I'm Getting Better: A Guide for Adolescents      by E. Jane Garland, M.D. (An excellent book for teens who are experiencing any level of depression. One of the key things I found in the book is the reminder to tell someone and it discusses the best people to tell, such as mental health professionals. Discusses the symptoms and types of depression, how to get help, discusses medication, counseling and provides personal stories of another teen's experience with depression. This book could save lives).


Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope: An Easy to Learn Technique for Parents & Professionals      by Robert G. Ziegler, M.D. (A book "to show parents, teachers, and counselors how to develop stories to help guide children through new or troublesome events." This book, to be read by the parent, a teacher or counselor will be extremely helpful for children of various ages in allowing books - the reading or writing - to work through various life issues such as divorce and adoption).


Jumpin' Johnny Get Back to Work! : A Child's Guide to Adhd/Hyperactivity, Michael, Ph.D. GordonJumpin' Johnny Get Back to Work! : A Child's Guide to Adhd/Hyperactivity      by Michael, Ph.D. Gordon "I bought this book for my 6-year-old nephew and will read it to him when he comes to live with us soon. I can't wait, because it is so simply written and straightforward, I'm sure it will help him understand what we have not been able to tell him about his ADHD condition. It is entertaining, and because it is told in a kid's point of view, it shows ADHD with concerns that kids would have that adults might not have even thought of. I recommend it if you're trying to find just the right way of reaching your child or student!"

Taking A.D.D. to School : A School Story About Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Special Kids in School), Ellen Weiner, Terry Ravanelli, Kim GasselinTaking A.D.D. to School : A School Story About Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Special Kids in School)      by Ellen Weiner, Terry Ravanelli (Illustrator), Kim Gasselin (Editor) "Ben is having trouble in school. It's hard to concentrate and his teachers always tell him to pay attention. A trip to the doctor reveals that Ben has Attention Deficit Disorder. Written for children from Ben's perspective, this book is well suited for reading aloud in the classroom. Will help kids understand A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. as well as educate parents, teachers, caregivers, etc. A quiz for kids and Ten Tips for Teachers included. Wonderfully illustrated!"

Adolescents and ADD:  Gaining the Advantage      by Patricia O. Quinn, M.D. (Designed for middle school or high school students with the ADD. Helps them understand their illness and teaches many skills for school success, organization dating, driving and much more).

Putting on the Brakes:  Young People's Guide to Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder      by Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., Judith M. Stern, M.A. (For children between ages 8 - 13. Assists children diagnosed with the ADHD in understanding their disorder and their symptoms. Gives advice on such things as how to get organized, improving study habits, following directions, understanding medications and making friends. I recommend this to all children this age who suffer from the ADHD).

The "Putting on the Brakes Activity Book For Young People with ADHD,  Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., Judith Stern, M.A.The "Putting on the Brakes Activity Book For Young People with ADHD      by Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., Judith Stern, M.A. (A companion to the above book. Excellent workbook for children and adolescents helping them to understand the ADHD and provides many activities teaching skills, problem solving, organizing and much more. Strong Recommended).


Sparky's Excellent Misadventures:  My A.D.D. Journal Be Me (Sparky)      by Phyllis Carpenter, Marti Ford. (Excellent book that reads like a first person journal of a young child dealing with the ADD. He discusses things like "Daddy yelled at me because I forgot to put my bike away at night...Dad said that everyone has different stuff to learn about themselves and my stuff is called Attention Deficit Disorder." Very delightful book that every child can relate to and understand their disorder better and know they are not alone).    

A.D.D. In Poetry, One Family's Journey With Attention Deficit Disorder by Jennifer East ( excellent book, the poetry is wonderful and though provoking. Its intelligent, but written in a way a child could read it and take the message to heart. If anything, its rather small at 20 pages, but still very good.)