AD(H)D for clinicians

Hear The Music! A New Approach To Mental Health      by Norman E. Hoffman "This work is the logical result of original investigations in the field of Music Therapy. It should be regarded as basic - the first systematic approach based on innovative but experimentally sound investigations & observations. This work demonstrates concepts & techniques establishing therapeutic communication with those who will not respond - the withdrawn, the autistic, the depressed, the retarded, the psychotic, the emotionally disturbed, the neurologically impaired, etc."


Hyperactive Children Grown Up : Adhd in Children, Adolescents, and Adults      by Gabrielle Weiss, Lily Trokenberg Hechtman "New edition of a text summarizing a longitudinal study of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, for research and clinical psychologists, pediatricians, general practitioners, and psychiatrists. Previous edition 1986."


Hanging by a Twig:  Understanding and Counseling Adults with Learning Disabilities and ADD,Carol WrenHanging by a Twig:  Understanding and Counseling Adults with Learning Disabilities and ADD      by Carol Wren (Brand new book (2000). The author displays excellent insight into these disorders and discusses treatment. Case studies are included. Excellent and helpful book).



ADD & ADHD: Complementary Medicine Solutions      by Charles Gant "I have known about and personally observed from the beginning Dr. Charles Gants remarkable success rate in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD. I have also eagerly awaited this published report of his work and how-to manual.

This exciting book finally reveals to the world what complementary medicine has to offer to patients and their parents who are victims of this devastating Twentieth-Century malady. Dr. Gant's approach properly corrects the problem, instead of thoughtlessly prescribing Ritalin with all its side effects, simply to shut the patients up. In my opinion, Dr. Gant has more knowledge and experience than anybody in this field of medicine, and specifically in the real psychoneuropathology of ADD/ADHD. He and his coworkers have put together a foolproof method of handling the whole problem.
I strongly recommend the reading of this revolutionary book by all sufferers of ADD/ADHD, their families, their teachers, and all healthcare personnel who attempt to treat them."


Adhd in Adolescents : Diagnosis and Treatment,Arthur L. Robin, Russell A. Barkley Adhd in Adolescents : Diagnosis and Treatment      by Arthur L. Robin, Russell A. Barkley "An empirically based approach to understanding, diagnosing, and treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adolescents. Balancing research and theory with detailed case reports, the author presents each step of his structured intervention program and provides easy-to-follow guidelines to illustrate its integration of educational, medical, and psychological components. Fourteen chapters discuss topics including how core symptoms are manifested in adolescents, strengths and limitations of using DSM-IV criteria for this age group, creative counseling techniques, parenting principles, guidelines for handling out-of-control teenagers, stepfamily issues, and medications."



Adhd in Adulthood : A Guide to Current Theory, Diagnosis, and Treatment      by Margaret Weiss, Lily, Md Hectman-Trokenberg, Gabrielle Weiss, Lilly Trokenberg-Hechtman "This account of how attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder manifests itself in adult life covers assessment; differential diagnosis and comorbidity; difficult diagnoses; the psychoeducational approach; medication; psychological therapies; environmental restructuring; ADHD in the family and the community; living with the disorder; and future directions. Appendices include an adult self-report inventory, adult inventory, and domains of impairment summary form."


ADHD with Comorbid Disorders: Clinical Assessment and Management,Steven R. Pliszka, Caryn L. Carlson, James M. Swanson, Jim M. SwansonADHD with Comorbid Disorders: Clinical Assessment and Management      by Steven R. Pliszka, Caryn L. Carlson, James M. Swanson, Jim M. Swanson "This guide is designed to help clinicians meet the needs of clients with ADHD in addition to other disorders such as aggression or anti-social behavior, mental retardation, suicidal tendencies, or depression. The authors, teaching at UT-San Antonio, UT-Austin, and UC-Irvine, use numerous case examples to provide practical pointers for time and cost-effective treatments. The authors also incorporate criteria for multiple diagnoses, and include treatment suggestions for managing behavioral problems in the home, school, and playground."


Attention Deficit Disorder : Diagnosis and Treatment from Infancy to Adulthood (Basic Principles into Practice Series, Volume 13)      by Patricia O. Quinn "Examines attention deficit disorder (ADD) and its impact over the life span, discussing the causes of ADD, the use of medication in therapy, non-drug approaches to treatment, and legal issues. Covers atypical infants and toddlers, the preschool and elementary child, the adolescent, the postsecondary student, and adults with ADD. Includes behavioral checklists and reader questionnaires. For parents, teachers, clinicians, and those with the disorder."


Attention Deficit Disorder : Professionals Guide (Tcm883)      by Sosin, Myra Sosin, David Sosin

Attention Deficit Disorder Misdiagnosis : Approaching Add from a Brain-Behavior/Neuropsychological Perspective for Assessment and Treatment      by Barbara C. Fisher "As a psychologist specializing in neuropsychology and running an Attention Deficit Disorder Clinic in Michigan, the author illuminates this complex disorder affecting adults as well as children. For both professionals and families. She emphasizes accurate assessment, advocates for a whole-treatment approach in light of theories of attention and diverse findings in the literature, distinguishes between ADD with and without hyperactivity, identifies other associated disorders, and addresses the controversial use of stimulants as first-line treatment.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (In Adults and Children) : The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies ,C. Keith Conners, Juliet L. Jett Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (In Adults and Children) : The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies      by C. Keith Conners, Juliet L. Jett "A wonderfully compact, highly readable, up-to-date book that provides all of the essentials for professionals as well as patients and their families." "Very informative! Perfect for those with little time for research. Eye-catching layout conveys facts well."



Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment,Russell A. Barkley Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment      by Russell A. Barkley "The first edition was generally considered a must-read for all Clinical Child Psychologists and other practitioners who worked or planned to work with children with behavior disorders. The second edition is even better, as it should be. This edition clarifies how we have learned much about ADHD in the past decade. The book's coverage of relevant literature, findings, and data-based theories and treatments makes it one of the very best books on ADHD available on the market. I recommend it to all who plan to work with behavior-disordered children. Also, this text should be in most public libraries to allow parents the opportunity to read accurate writings about ADHD"